We believe that a vital part of belonging to South Street Baptist church is giving. Making a regular financial contribution to the work of the local church is not only biblical, but a very practical way of standing shoulder to shoulder with the whole church and showing your commitment, support and testimony of the local church.

The financial need

Our major current financial priority is to raise £350,000 to give access both at the front and sides of the building by constructing ramps, lift and other disabled facilities and for older people and families with children. We aim to have all building works completed by Spring 2019.

Not only do we need money to meet the day to day financial obligations of the church and maintenance of the building, but we also need money to help the community in West Greenwich and beyond to manage their finances. We run a money management course in partnership with Christians Against Poverty (CAP) to avoid getting into debts and for debt counselling. The aim is to relieve people of the stress and misery that debt brings to families and homes. Some of the money received by South Street Baptist church is given in charitable aid to UK organisations and overseas agencies.

Occasionally we will take up special offerings in the event of an urgent need; these are taken in addition to regular giving. Visitors to the church are under no obligation to give, however, we encourage them to give as a sweet smelling offering, an acceptable sacrifice to God. That in itself results in many blessings.

Additional income is raised through the letting of our facilities to local charities and organisations for the upkeep of these facilities. A full financial report is submitted to the church leadership , and annual income and expenditure statements are published each year and made available at our Annual Church Meetings.

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