Water Baptism Sunday

We are excited to have our first Baptism Service of 2022! This is an opportunity to take a bold step in your new life with Christ, and also celebrate others joining the Kingdom of God. Jesus Christ was baptised by full immersion as an act of obedience and to fulfil righteousness, by submitting to God's will (Matthew 3:15-16). As disciples of Christ, we must do as Jesus did and go through water baptism. Invite someone with you to hear transformational testimonies and to share in the joy of this special service. Come as you are and never leave the same way when you encounter the presence of God through Worship, Prayer and the Word of God!

If you would like to be baptised, speak to a leader after Sunday service, or contact the church office. The Baptism Prep class is essential to getting baptised and will take place on Monday 24 January, 7:00pm at Church.