A New Life, A New Beginning: Session III

This is a discipleship pathway for the whole church, including the youth from age 13 and up.  The first of the teaching and activation sessions is called A New Life, A New Beginning.

We are going to take people through a structured biblical teaching to make you disciples of Jesus. There will be four teaching sessions on sin and its consequences, repentance, baptism of the holy spirit and water baptism. Those who want to continue the learning process to leadership will end up being released into their calling and ministry in the church. The whole process from beginner to leadership will take a year and a half to complete. Whether you want to become a disciple or a leader, these teaching and activation sessions will change your life forever.

There are four weekly sessions for A New Life, A New Beginning, which will take place at Church.The first session starts on Wednesday 12 January at 7:00pm, with the final session on Wednesday 2 February 2022.