Our Values

At South Street Baptist Church we recognise that the chief end of man is to worship God and enjoy him forever. We realise that worship is a matter of giving our lives as living sacrifices and as such encompasses all our activity. In that respect we need to be guided by some values and principles that will shape our view of God and how to conduct ourselves in this world.


These are the values that we hold dear and underpin everything we do here as a church community. They are effectively the accepted principles or standards that we expect from all our church members and those who worship with us:

  • Warm and Welcoming – Come as you are
  • Multi Cultural And Multi Generational – We are all different in many ways but children of the same God
  • Passionate Spirituality – Prayer, Action, Word and Serve


Our church culture reflects the attitudes, customs, beliefs and practices that identifies or characterises us as a congregation. These things we do and are passionate about;

  • Teaching – Relevant to life and challenging
  • House of Peace – The extension of the church in homes (Small Groups)
  • Children & Youth Ministry – Safe, fun and appropriate
  • Excellence – At all levels i.e. planning and execution of all we do
  • Effective Structures – Holistic services, Accountability and good Leadership
  • Outreach & Evangelism – Taking the gospel out to do good in the community and inviting to church