Transform Equip Grow

Whether you are new to our Church or a longstanding member of the congregation, we want you to feel drawn in to our current priorities. And as we lean towards the themes outlined below, we pray that any fruitfulness we may know and experience together would spread through our whole church, and the communities around us.


First and foremost, we expect all who worship with us to spend time in the presence of the Lord in prayer, reading of the bible and worship so that our lives are transformed and pursue His presence by giving ourselves to Him fully as a daily and non-negotiable priority.


Secondly, we want to be a community that is intentional in its efforts to equip its members to actively engage with the word of God to renew our minds, character and, changed attitudes so that we do not conform to the patterns of this world. We are committed to building transparent, real and loving communities that are willing learners. We will give ourselves to God as the kind of people who are not ashamed but uses the teaching of the Bible in the right way.


Thirdly, we will make every effort to fulfil our calling before God and reach out to the community around us and the wider world as the Lord commanded us to go. Our desire as a community is for each person who worships with us to earnestly pray for the unsaved to find hope in Christ, actively invite people to church, reach out to the vulnerable and grow big together in numbers, spirituality and in faith.