Small Groups

We call our discipleship classes and relationship-building meetings Small Groups. Discover how you can be encouraged in your spiritual growth in small groups, the first steps of community.

Meeting times

Small Groups take place on Wednesdays.

We gather to socialise (Community) at 7:00pm and discussions start at 7.30pm. These gatherings usually last about an hour and half and finish promptly.

Ladies Small Group takes place on Fridays 12noon – 2:00pm
This group is a ladies only fellowship and welcomes parents to bring babies, toddlers and young children. Check the events page for Ladies Small Group dates.

Why attend small group?

  • It is a safe and comfortable place for people to ask questions regarding Sunday’s preach, the Bible and share your doubts.
  • Small group is about forming lasting genuine relationships. One of our philosophies is, have fun learning about God.
  • It is a place to know the ways of God and understand the purpose for your life as a Christ follower.

Everyone is welcome

You do not need to be a theologian to join a small group but you will hunger and thirst after the word of God, and you will keep coming back for more!

We are all accountable to each other and therefore we will encourage you to read the bible and understand the importance of devotional times i.e. intimacy with Christ; this is one of the building blocks for a Christ-centered life.

We do not have comfort zones: we take all excuses away so that you can grow in your faith, glorify God and edify others. Without challenging one another Christ followers can become stagnant and devoid of the joy of becoming transformed to Christ's image. We will show you what the next steps are and encourage you to take it!