Discipleship Course

At SSBC we believe in Transforming lives, Equipping people, and Growing in the Supernatural power of God. Discipleship is a fundamental part of our spiritual growth, so anyone who worships with us regularly, or those who want to be a part of the Church are encouraged to attend the discipleship pathway which is open to everyone from the age of 13 years old upwards. Whatever stage you are in your faith, this will lead to a powerful pathway for you, as you will be activated by the Holy Spirit and presence of God.

Please note that the discipleship classes are listed in order, starting with A New Life, A New Beginning, and it is advised to complete one discipleship pathway before moving onto another.

1. A New Life, A New Beginning

Wednesday 6 October 2021

A New Life, A New Beginning is the foundation of the discipleship classes at SSBC (Affirmation stage). There are four teaching sessions on Sin and its consequences, Repentance, Baptism of the Holy Spirit and Water Baptism. There will also be a half day session for Supernatural Encounter and the final sessions will see attendees go through Inner Healing and Deliverance.

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2. Introduction to Leadership

Wednesday 1 September 2021

The second phase in the discipleship pathway is Introduction to Leadership. As believers and as a church, we are called to bring the supernatural power of God to this generation and these teachings will release people into their calling, according to their gifts, to serve effectively. These classes are for those who want to become true disciples of Jesus and walk in the supernatural power of God. There are four teaching sessions on this discipleship pathway.

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3. Evangelism School

Wednesday 6 October 2021

The next phase of the discipleship pathway is Evangelism School. As disciples of Jesus Christ, we are called to be the light and share the gospel with our friends and family. These teaching sessions will equip and empower us with biblical knowledge and confidence, to move from believers to disciples. If you desire to be an effective Christian, we encourage you to attend these teaching sessions. There are seven/eight teaching sessions in Evangelism School.

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4. School of House of Peace

Resumes in 2022

House of Peace (HOP) training is an evangelistic and ministry tool to bring the extension of the Church to homes and win souls for Christ, in line with scripture Acts 2:41. School of House of Peace helps to make the evangelism teachings a reality, by teaching you how to practically engage your friends and family with the faith, through HOP. School of HOP will teach on the roles and functions of a HOP leader, sub-leader and host. There are six weekly sessions in School of House of Peace and two HOP Retreats.

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5. Family School

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Whether you live as a single person or family unit, Family School is designed to be a useful tool to help build stable God-centred families and homes. This discipleship pathway is open to both married couples and single households. There are six teaching sessions in Family School.

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6. School of Mentors

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This school is to help train potential leaders to answer the needs of those who seek spiritual direction, encouragement, and counsel.  SSBC is seeking to train men and women who will have the ability to identify and develop the potential of others within the Church. There are six teaching sessions on this discipleship pathway.

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House of Peace (HOP) is the extension of the Church, meeting weekly in homes. It is a vital part of the vision of our church and ministry, which comes from the heart of God. It is a place where the Holy Spirit moves constantly, where new people attend weekly for biblical teachings, Worship and Prayer. HOP is a place where there are salvations, prophetic words, testimonies, and deliverance. Contact us to find out the nearest HOP location to you.

“At Family School I learnt that forgiveness must come from the heart. I chose to make forgiveness a lifestyle, and now I am a forgiving person because we were taught how to deal with resentment and anger. The joy, love and peace of forgiveness is amazing.”


“At Family School I learned about raising children in the fear of God. I’m blessed with two boys, but fatherhood is what I’m least equipped to do – there’s no training for it! Yet through Christ helping me, I can never fail. I learnt that imparting the Word of God in my children is the most important job I have.”


“The School of Mentors is amazing, it transforms lives. I learnt to be obedient and prayerful. I wake up early to intercede on behalf of my family. I have learnt to stand in the gap for my family and break the atmosphere of any hard situation. There is nothing too hard for God.”


“School of Mentors taught us about prayer; how to move in the prophetic, and about miracles, signs and wonders. It was an amazing experience. I learnt about the spiritual authority that Jesus gave us. It’s a position that makes me limitless. It is not like the worldly authority of taking others down for power, but simply accepting Jesus as Lord and Saviour and stepping into that authority.”