South Street Baptist Church (SSBC) is your local church for students. Your welfare while in Greenwich is our responsibility. Whether you are a university or college student, you will always find someone at SSBC who will be there for you. Our student support, ministry teams, and the church as a whole, will help you make your academic, social and spiritual life at Greenwich a worthwhile experience.

Opportunity to volunteer

SSBC offers a wide range of activities and opportunities for students who worship with us. These include the opportunity to volunteer in the various ministries of the church to develop or learn new skills as a form of work experience, coupled with an honest reference for your future jobs.

Training and support

The church also offers money management training in partnership with Christians Against Poverty (CAP), spiritual advice, pastoral care, mentoring and international student advice. There are professional people of various abilities and career pathways within the church who are genuinely interested in people and in particular students support.

Small Groups

We encourage people to be part of small groups for bible studies and building relationships. Small groups help those who are either exploring the Christian faith, or those who want to move on in their spiritual journeys to become Christ-Centered believers. Small groups are also a forum for prayer, building lasting friendships, supporting each other, encouragement and socials.


In this church we love to eat good food, in great variety and in generous portions too, all at no extra cost to students. Don’t miss out on our BBQ days, picnics and student breakfasts; they’re all a great way to get to know more people and connect with other people your age.

We look forward to welcoming you!