Connecting at SSBC

At South Street Baptist Church we believe God created human beings to be in relationships with each other as He is with Christ and the Holy Spirit. So we encourage people to be in Small groups, which are the weekly Bible study groups. These are groups of 8-15 people meeting in the church building and across various locations within 20 minutes from the church in Greenwich and Lewisham boroughs. Small Groups come in all shapes and sizes: large and small; noisy and intimate; young people and student groups; families; couples; mothers; and vulnerable groups.

We want to be a church where all ages are included and where everyone at their different stages of life can find friendship and discover their destiny. We include people from all nationalities, as together we form a mosaic of beautiful colours and cultures representing God’s agenda for humanity.

We encourage and would love for all who worship with us at South Street Baptist Church to find a House of Peace (HOP) fellowship that you can belong to and call home and family. Why not check out the SSBC Welcome Pack to get you started.

House of Peace

Young Adults

Smiley Toast